Laryngology- Voice Problems

Voice and Throat treatment

Laryngology- Voice Problems

Laryngology is the branch of science that deals with the study, ailments, and cures of the larynx, voice, and throat. Professionals dealing with services under laryngology are known as laryngologists or throat and voice specialists. Some common laryngology ailments today are Arytenoid granuloma, vocal chord cancer, vocal paralysis, and Spasmodic Dysphonia amongst others. It is the forte of science falling under the umbrella of the vast subject of ENT.

Dr. Simple Bhadania is a top laryngologist in Ahmedabad. She is a brilliant voice and throat specialist in Ahmedabad, holding an M.S. Ent degree from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, and a Neuro-ENT degree from SGPGI, Lucknow. She has practiced as an assistant professor and sinus and ear specialist. One more notable mention about her is that she specializes in skull base surgery, she even did her fellowship for the same from Weill Cornell University, New York.

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Flawless Laryngology Services

There are many laryngologist doctors in Ahmedabad who provide different kinds of services to cure different larynx and throat ailments. This is what Dr. Simple Bhadania brings to you to cure your condition in the best possible way-

Video Laryngoscopy Bronchoscopy

This is an endoscopic investigative procedure carried out to diagnose the larynx, windpipe, and bronchi. The common ailments that this procedure is used for are- hoarseness, breathing problems, and loud breathing.

Micro Laryngeal Surgery

This is the most extensively used laser larynx surgical technique that involves an operation microscope. This surgery is used to cure the minute yet dangerous ailments and conditions of the larynx and the voice.


This is one kind of surgery that can be performed both ways through endoscopy and microscopy. The operation involves curing larynx ailments like most other laryngology conditions. It refines the voice quality.


This is the most performed surgery for all ages. Tonsillectomy involves removing tonsils due to enlargement or sore throat that disturbs breathing or swallowing. You would have frequently heard of people suffering from tonsils, tonsillectomy is their best option.

Why Consult Dr. Simple Bhadania?

There’s a lot of competition in the market today, with equally competent doctors and specialists walking into the industry with the passing day. We know that every professional has own way of working. Similarly, every doctor too has their own way of treating each patient. This is what makes Dr. Simple Bhadania the expert she is today.


Most people choose to become doctors to mint money or to claim the respect the profession comes with. Dr. Simple Bhadania isn’t among them, she has a keen eye for Ear, Nose, and Throat (ENT).


We saw earlier the amount of study and the degrees she holds in her area of expertise. It proves she is aptly qualified or else, it is always easy to be a general doctor after MBBS.


The more exposure, the better you are informed about the ways of the world. Dr. Bhadania has been in association with many institutions and well-reputed hospitals in her medical journey.

Social responsibility

Being a doctor automatically makes you a socially responsible person. As a doctor, it’s an oath to save lives and care for them beyond your own irrespective of the situation.

Dr. Simple Bhadania is a revolutionary laryngologist. That’s not it! She is an ENT veteran, specializing in ear ailments, nose conditions, head and neck issues, and other issues falling under the purview of ENT.

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