Vertigo- Balance Disorders Treatment


Vertigo- Balance Disorders Treatment

You would have come across someone having a fear of heights or as we scientifically call it, vertigo. Vertigo is otherwise also known as the collective name for balance disorders. The most common symptoms of vertigo are vomiting and numbness in hearing. In a nutshell, it is a sensation that makes you feel like you have lost balance in your otherwise daily movements. The professional who can correct this condition is known as a vertigo specialist doctor.

Dr. Simple Bhadania is a specialist of the finest at vertigo treatment or dizziness treatment in Ahmedabad. She specializes in Ent Specialist, Neuro Ent Specialist, Skull Base Surgery, Advanced Endoscopic Sinus, Ear, Head & Neck, and Cochlear Implant Surgery. Apart from this, she has successfully completed a fellowship program in skull base surgery at the esteemed Weill Cornell University in New York.

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Vigorous Vertigo Treatment Services

Curbing vertigo and curing vertigo are two different things altogether. Quacks prescribe a few pills so that the effects are lowered or fade off for a while, but that doesn’t get vertigo out of you. Here are the sure-shot vertigo treatment services Dr. Simple Bhadania provides at her ACE Neuro ENT Hospital in Ahmedabad.

Epley’s Manoeuvre

Unlike surgery, it is a session of 15-20 mins which involves a repositioning maneuver. Here the head is moved in different positions with crystals bringing on vertigo and curbing its manifestations.

Intratympanic Therapy

This is a kind of therapy wherein direct injections are given through the ear to cure vertigo, balance disorders, or even different types of hearing issues. The injections usually consist of gentamycin and other ontological steroids.

Endolymphatic Sac Decompression

This is a surgical method carried out in patients who suffer from Meniere’s disease and aren’t getting cured by prescribed medication or intratympanic therapy. As the name suggests, it’s about decompressing the labyrinth sac of the ear.


This is another common surgical method carried out to control intractable vertigo in patients with poor residual hearing. The surgery also involves removing the entire balance end organ to control vertigo sensations.

Vestibular Nerve Section

This is an invasive technique where the balance nerve is divided into two and the hearing nerve is preserved. This method is extensively used to cure patients with intractable vertigo without affecting their hearing strength.

Why Trust Dr. Simple Bhadania?

You might feel going to a general physician to get some pills for vertigo treatment is fine enough. But that’s not it, you must go to the right vertigo specialist doctor for it, Dr. Simple Bhadania, these are the traits that make her the right professional.


It was her choice to take her MBBS a step further with her perusal of specialization in the field of ENT. We discussed the different ENT disciplines that he has a great hand with.


Dr. Simple Bhadania is genuinely an expert, having worked with well-reputed hospitals, some of them namely, Epic Hospital, Sterling Hospital, and Narayan Hospital among others.

In-depth knowledge

As expressed earlier, she is a bit more than just an MBBS! She holds an MS ENT degree from BJ Medical College, Ahmedabad, and a Neuro-ENT qualification from SGPGI, Lucknow.

Humane Ethics

Dr. Bhadania has a very holistic and humane approach to life, and this has been proven by her decision to take doctor as a profession for life. She feels it is her responsibility to cure patients.

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Dr. Simple Bhadania is the most preferred vertigo specialist doctor in Ahmedabad. Apart from vertigo services she also offers otology services, rhinology services, laryngology services, thyroid treatment, sleep apnea cure, and head and neck ailment services. Her passion and perseverance have brought her where she is today, and she runs her very own hospital, ACE ENT Hospital in Ahmedabad.

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