The thyroid is the largest gland in the body. It is situated right in front of the larynx, which is situated between the throat and the windpipe. The most common ailments that strike the thyroid gland are hyperthyroidism. If the condition becomes chronic then the ultimate solution is to go for a thyroid removal surgery. The thyroid is the master gland that controls bodily functioning, in short, the metabolism. Due to the commonality of these conditions, Ahmedabad has the best thyroid treatment center today.

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Tonsils and Adenoids

Tonsils are two tissue pads on each side of the throat above the back of the tongue. Likewise, adenoids are also tissue pads behind the nose. These tissue pads defend the body against different infections. Enlargement and infections in these tissue pads generally occur in childhood. Tonsil infection can be recurrent. It can make breathing difficult. If the infection or enlargement of the tonsils and adenoids becomes terminal, they should be removed. It won’t cause any adverse effects on life.


This is a surgical technique to remove tonsils. It is usually the final resort for repetitive tonsillitis and sometimes sleep apnea. It is a short 15-30 min procedure that involves cutting tonsils and heating or tying off the blood vessels ends. If you are an adult then you might face greater pain than the younger ones. Bleeding shouldn’t continue after the procedure, a negligible amount of people might experience bleeding, but it’s harmless.


Just as tonsillectomy is to remove tonsils, Adenoidectomy is the surgical procedure to remove adenoids. The procedure is conducted due to the blocking of the eustachian tube by enlarged adenoids. It can cause glue ears, nose blockage, and breathing abnormalities. This condition is commonly seen in kids before the age of 10. This treatment is quicker than a tonsillectomy, only 10 minutes. The pain and bleeding after-effects are the same as tonsillectomy.

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