Balloon Sinuplasty: A Minimally Invasive Sinus Treatment


Sinusitis is a common ailment and it occurs when the sinus passage is inflamed. There are dozens of symptoms of sinusitis and all are uncomfortable, It can be managed with medicines otherwise it is a regular problem. Symptoms of sinusitis are facial pain, pressure, nasal congestion, and difficulty in breathing.

In some cases, medical intervention is necessary because sinusitis does not respond to all kinds of medications and home remedies. Balloon Sinuplasty is a new and effective procedure and it can cure chronic Sinuplasty. Traditional medications are unable to improve the quality of life.

What is Balloon Sinuplasty?

Millions of people are affected by sinusitis and medications include antibiotics these medications ease the pain of the people but can’t completely eradicate this problem. If your symptoms continue for more than 12 weeks then you should go to a doctor.

Balloon Sinuplasty is also known as balloon catheter dilation, It is used to treat chronic  Sinusitis. Traditional sinusitis surgery includes the removal of the tissues and bone from the nasal passage. But balloon sinuplasty is used to treat sinusitis by dilation of the balloon and there is no removal of tissue.

Symptoms of the Sinusitis

It is also known as rhino sinusitis and is commonly known for inflammation of the mucous membrane. There are some common symptoms of the sinusitis, that are:

  1. Swelling of nasal passage nasal congestion, and blockade of passage.
  2. Facial pain due to bending forward, pain, and discomfort in the forehead region.
  3. Headache around eyes and forehead.
  4. Cough in the night and morning.
  5. Sore throat and drainage of the mucus.
  6. In a chronic condition, a patient may feel tired.
  7. Also, the ability to smell is reduced.
  8. Foul smell from breath and presence of infected mucus.
  9. Low-grade fever.

Pre-Balloon Sinuplasty phase

Before a patient is gone under Sinuplasty undergo some consultation with a doctor. ENT is known for specialization in the ear, nose, and throat, and all procedure is done in their presence. Typically patients are advised to do some of these proceedings:

  1. Medications like blood thinners and blood pressure medicines are advised to stop.
  2. For a period of short duration patients are advised to stop drinking and eating because of small surgery type of procedure.
  3. Also, they are advised to have a guardian or driver, to drive them home as they can’t drive after balloon Sinuplasty.

Balloon Sinuplasty Procedure: How Treatment is Done

Balloon Sinuplasty is done after several tests and if they give a proper measure of fluid and all reports. Balloon Sinuplasty is done in the operation theatre and includes the following steps:

  • For balloon Sinuplasty local anaesthesia is given it is also called a conscious sedation condition. In this condition, The patient is awakened but does not feel the pain of a little surgery.
  • A topical decongestant is given to control the bleeding of the nose.
  • Then insertion of thin time takes place, this the tube is inserted through the nostril.
  • This time is called an endoscope with a light on the end, and a guide to enter the balloon in the sinuses.
  • Inflation of the balloon to unblock your sinuses.
  • Then deflate the balloon and repeat, the same procedure can be repeated depending on the requirement.

Balloon Sinuplasty can also be performed in the medical office and some different steps are part of the procedure. In place of the bed reclining chair is used and other procedure is the same as it is.

After Prevention of Balloon Sinuplasty

Although it is a mini survey type treatment healthcare provider does not take risks to the health of their patient. They don’t allow you to drive after balloon Sinuplasty, There are other prevention also:

  1. There is a light phrase session with no cold eating food and heavy work is not allowed.
  2. Follow-up session and appointment for nasal endoscopy.
  3. General assessment of nose health.

Benefits of Balloon Sinuplasty

There are many advantages over the traditional sinus treatment. It has become popular with patients because of the low recovery time and high success rate.

Short Recovery Time – After Balloon Sinuplasty, there is less recovery time for returning to normal activities of day-to-day life. There is minimal downtime and patients return to most of the tough activities.

High Success Rate – There is a very high success rate of sinusitis recovery and long-lasting relief to the patient. Also, difficult symptoms like pain around the eyes, can be relieved by balloon Sinuplasty.

 Preservation of Anatomy – Traditional song surgery includes the removal of the tissues which is not comfortable for breathing. There are also potential risks related to the tissue removal procedure and such complications are not involved in balloon Sinuplasty.

Reduced Pain and Discomfort – Like traditional treatment, there is no pain of tissue removal and symptoms related to pain are cured by Sinuplasty.

Customized treatment – There are also different requirements according to the symptoms of the patients. Like to make an air passage for the flow of air and drainage pass. Small incisions can be made during Sinuplasty because of these potential complications. Although the incision is barely noticeable, treatment is easy in comparison to other options.

Minimally Invasive – It is already mentioned that a small incision is required in the balloon sinuplasty which is not equal to the traditional surgery options.

Balloon Sinuplasty is far better than traditional surgery of sinusitis, and also lower cost than the previous one. They need local anesthesia, in most cases, and also a small incision for drainage These show that it is better to have balloon Sinuplasty rather than suffering from it.


Sinusitis is a common ailment and it is affecting millions of people around the world. Balloon Sinuplasty is a minimally invasive procedure that helps to cause sinusitis symptoms. It is better than the traditional surgery option as it includes the removal of tissues. It has less are over time and is an easy option to treat sinusitis. If you are having symptoms of sinusitis you can go to an ENT Specialist in Ahmedabad Dr. Simple Bhadania, She is an ENT and can guide you further.